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dimulakan dengan بسم الله,
disudahi dengan الحمد الله

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i'm singing my blues

here i mark my existence,
with a mind full of formulas.
studying until late night,
just because of a little quiz fright.
i think i need to hug my pillow,
but the tuto said "dont go!"
i shed tears a little bit,
as sleeping late is not my habit.
again here i am marking my existence,
try to finish the very last sentence.
but you guys knew me too well,
that i wont go without a proper farewell.
then let us end this usrah,
with ummul kitab al-fatihah.

yes i know i suck at poetry,
so i shall say that i'm sorry.

bye bye


fif said...

and why the heck my smiley turns out to be like that? apesal dia takterbalik macam biasa aku buat? :O

aRinarRe said...

this is one interesting rhyme on 'a pharmacist's life' :D

abd fatah said...

2,3 kali aku cek address bar.
"ye dok blog apek nih?"

itu mnandakn ko mmg btaraf sasterawan. he2

fif said...

event of the year -> me rhyming. haha

jangan la macam ni fatah. kau pon tau betapa awesomenye aku bila aku mula melalak dalam kelas. semua ni bakat terpendam je :P