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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

shit just got serious

"we had a rule in my neighbourhood, when you got in a fight, it wasnt whether or not you got knock down. its what you do when you get back up."
quoted from david norris; character played by matt damon in The Adjustment Bureau. yesterday's math had me pancaked emotionally but i know i need to rise up and prep well, so that i can kick bio's ass real hard (taken from arre's words haha).

and we have to remember, there are 7 layers of jannah and we are not entitle to any of it if we back out from the path of a true believer when there's a pile of shit happens to drop on top of our head. it is just a test; if we cant pass through it, then just go wash it, there are reasons for the existence of shampoo. and dont forget to  seek Allah, He shall not forsaken us (;

guess i have no other choice but to go all out for saturday's clash of the titans; afif amin vs biology! let's gone!

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aRinarRe said...

HAHA! May the force be with you!